And a couple of tra-la-las.

Well at last the shit hit the fan at the factory last night,we were as busy as fuck with hardly time to wipe our arses between jobs,mind you it does pass the time quicker when your at it none stop eh?

Well looking forward to some quality time with the lovely Mrs B after tonights shift i can tell ya. Tell ya somat else unall my feet are well in need of the foot spa so that is out and ready for the morning!A few beers and a chill out will put me back into relax mode ready for my days off.

Mrs B has been painting the walls in the utility room during her time off this week (And a good job done in there) so we are both ready for a nice walk and a bit of hand holding at Wollo park on Friday and with a bit of careful planning a nice meal at some point in the day we should have a good time, Hey we might even feed the ducks,how shit hot is that?

Anyroad it’s time to get ready for the last shift so I’m off for a shower,Enjoy the rest of the week those of you with good intent,The rest can eat my shit! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Stay safe.

4 Responses to “And a couple of tra-la-las.”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    Hope your last shift of the week was good… and you enjoy your off time.
    I know I’m one of the “good” ones so I don’t have to worry about the consumption of fecal matter!! 🙂

  2. barnze Says:

    Some unwelcome twats on AJ, But they have to keep coming to see if they get a mention,maybe soon they will eh?

  3. Yorkshire Soul Says:

    I could feed a lot of customers with all those ducks 😉

  4. barnze Says:

    What’s a duck cost nowadays?

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