The most wonderful time of the year.

Not only have the shops now banged up their crimbo trees but the checkout women have now got bits of tinsel tied around their heads…

Every year the same thing the flashing badges the piss poor reindeer tabs and the tatty bit of tinsel wrapped around the head..All shite of course but the thing that get’s me is the begging tins for the staff…What’s all that about eh? A coffee tin covered in wrapping paper with the words “Thanks” written on it..Begging i call it so fuck off and try doing a proper days work ya scrounging bastards. A fucking tip after nicking ya wages for a  a years shite service ya gotta be taking the piss!

Have a good one…Ho Ho Ho

6 Responses to “The most wonderful time of the year.”

  1. Pinksy Says:

    that made i larf!

  2. barnze Says:

    That makes me happy…

  3. cappy Says:

    4th of fucking november!
    yup, a day BEFORE bonfire night.
    thats when our store put the christmas shit up.
    don’t get me wrong, i love xmas.
    but when you have to work with it for over two fucking months it gets a bit stale!
    it won’t be long now until we have the cd player blasting all the popular festive hits, over and over, and over….
    work it out for yourself.
    “now thats what i call christmas” approx 45 minutes?
    during a nine hour shift, how many times do you think i’ll hear “stop the cavalry” by jona lewie, or “xmas wrapping” by the waitresses (possibly the worst ever xmas song)
    by my reckoning it’s approx 240 times before christmas.
    i tell you, noddy holder best stay away from me!
    still, every little helps!

  4. Four Dinners Says:

    all humbug. (‘cept the vodka type pressies of course)

  5. barnze Says:

    Hahahahahahaha or should i say Ho Ho fucking Ho!

  6. AJ Scrooge Says:

    Ho Ho Ho Indeed!!! Haha… I feel ya. It’s rough trying to get into the spirits… oh sorry Four Dinners had me thinking of alcohol… Spirit!! 🙂

    Have a good’n


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