Walking Whitby.

Only a few weeks to go till me n the Lovely Mrs B will be in Whitby again,How nice to walk in such a nice place,Good beer n food unall. Then a bit of a wait till we go to Cairo then its planning time for next years hols.Las Vegas is on the cards..

Had a good day out with all the family for fathers day. Spared a few moments for my Dad and Dad in law,And all was good.

Take care out there.

3 Responses to “Walking Whitby.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Having retired from football I won’t bore you with The Old Pretenders FC visit to Whitby…besides…if I did plod may come and get us.

    Apologies for my absense.

    I’m back and will continue to be back…which may be a worry.

    Whitby is very very cool and relaxed and…..nice?

    I like ‘nice’….very abused word is ‘nice’

    …not sure Cairo is ‘nice’ lately mate….watch out for exploding camels!!!



  2. auntjackie Says:

    I’m better these days keeping up with everyone on Facebook eh… but I’m working on getting back spending time in ‘the Forrest’ 🙂

    Checkin by… you and Mrs. B always take the coolest Holidays!

  3. auntjackie Says:

    Oh no!! I come back from Blog hiatus and everyone’s disappeared… I know we’re all on Facebook, but dang… let’s crank’er back up.

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