Jolly japes & a wizard wheeze.

Not well at all today,my head if full of snot & pain, I don’t think the beer worked at all,i sound like a cross between Darth Vader & Davros.

Keeping clear of mirrors today unall as i don’t want to catch a glimpse of what i look like. All my plans for today are put on hold as i just cough n sneeze all over the place.About time the medical bods sorted this flu crap out,Gets me every year without fail,two sometimes three times a year i get snookered by it, you would think i would be immune now after the intake of over the counter drugs i get into me.


“Slip us a beachams mate,n you aint seen me right”

A big grin this morning as i read Mrs Bs note she left for me as at the bottom it said “My hair straighteners are stuck to the radiator” i had visions of them being melted to the rad..Just the plug droped down the back,mind you i aint got um off yet.

I suppose i am gunna have to force myself out of the comfort of Barnze Towers and drag myself up to the shops, i might spend an hour browsing the products in the chemists (Drug store, for my American readers) in the hope that someone will bung me a lemsip!

Anyroad enough wallowing in my own snot,i’m off to get some fresh air down me.

Have a good one, stay healthy and safe folks.

2 Responses to “Jolly japes & a wizard wheeze.”

  1. Lee Says:

    It’s worst when you get the flu coming into summer – nothing worse than it being hot and being crook!

    Hope you feel better – have a cup of tea!

  2. barnze Says:

    dead right summer flu is a to put the kettle on.

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