Well well would ya belive it?

It seems that the IT system that could not go wrong and cost me my job at the old factory and casting a shadow on my good name has gone wrong again ( Or should i say gone wrong for the first time)..It makes me smile to know that somewhere in the old place there will be a couple of red faces knowing they did me wrong..Yes i do bear a grudge as i recall the word ‘Malicious ” being mentioned during my tribunal..Mind you i feel sure that folks at the old place will be smiling to themselves as most of them knew i was Innocent of all charges…Hey ya never know i might even get a letter of apology before i even get time to set in motion a  claim  under Section 2 of the Defamation Act of 1966..Interesting times ahead!

As for the working week things have been up and down so i am well glad to see the back of this one. We are having a new fence fitted with some anti cat features and we now have a sonic cat repeller in the garden so we are hoping those mesures will keep out the flea ridden moggies..

Me n the Lovely Mrs B are off for some bowling during this period of time off and we are taking in a day out at Attenborough Nature Reserve so all is well for the relaxing time.

Anyroad it’s time for a bucket of tea and a fist full of fags so i am off..Have a good one you lot and remember every dog has his day eh?

Barnze say’s” Enjoy St George’s Day”.

8 Responses to “Well well would ya belive it?”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    ‘n I’ve a feeling this dog’ll have his sooner or later. Hope sooner mate.

    Happy St Georges.

    (stayin’ wi Dinners blog. Jihad was makin me even more unhinged…) 😉

  2. farmer_dave Says:

    i didnt even know it was st georges day, cant recall even hearing it on the news or in the papers ah well havea goodun

  3. cappy Says:

    thats so it didn’t offend any ethnic minorities dave.

  4. cappy Says:

    and barnze, it’ll all come good. i’m sure.

    and if it doesn’t i hope that the flies of a thousand camels infest the septic arses of those responsible!

  5. farmer_dave Says:

    good pint cappy, it reminds me of a story i read in a paper once about a english woman who collected pot pigs and she put them in her garden but she kept coming to find them broken, in the end she found out the local indians were smashing them cos they found them offensive to there religin what a load of crap hey, i feel like a minoritie myself these days

  6. barnze Says:

    Fly the flag!

  7. John A Thomson Says:

    What I want to know is how did you break the IT remotely? Did you hacking in or leave a little backdoor for more malicious tom-foolery?

  8. barnze Says:

    Who me….Malicous????

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