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Notts Vegas.

May 13, 2009

Another chance for us here in Hood Town to dig our toes in the sand as the Market Square becomes a beach again this year, A good idea i reckon,Mind you it has to be kept clean,Nowt worse than sticking ya bare foot in a used nappy buried in the sand.

The weather has turned to shite again,rain,wind and cold again..Makes me want more for a week in the sun..

I nipped up to the tattooist’s today and booked an hour for next Thursday,I still haven’t got around to getting a photo of part two so when i have had part three done i shall post up a pic, Part four is already for doing but i reckon it will be after our holiday,I don’t want to be scabby whilst i am away!

A nice bit of Pollock for dinner,Ya can’t have to much fish n chips i reckon,We had a ruby last night so something a bit lighter today eh!

Anyroad it’s time for a brew and i have to get the spuds pealed and chopped so i’m off. Have a good one and stay safe out there.

Lashin it down.

July 31, 2008

It’s raining. Bombing down in fact, And i have to go out in it..ARSE..Oh and the public holiday next Monday ain’t for us here in England it’s a Scotish thing..And there’s me getting chuffed about it???

News today of a massive haul of drugs from just up the road from us in Ruddington.. That’s some moneys worth eh? Over 13 million quid!! They reckon they were turning over a million quid a month..Makes my wages look piss poor next to that..I wonder if there are any jobs in the drugs business?

Well there is a lull in the rain so i am gunna risk going out now..Have a good one most of you,The others can kiss my arse!

A scooby doo ending?

July 22, 2008

Absolute hatstand.

May 15, 2008

Another mental shift last night and by 2 am we were all well chuffed to see the back end of the work going out. Mind you we did get a good view of the fire across the way from us..thank fuck the smoke never came our way..That’s all ya need after a hard shift. I suppose the firemen will be crowing about the first bit of work they have had to do this year.. Perhaps another strike for 40 grand a year is looming now they have had to get out of bed and do a bit!

I had a bastard of a migraine last night but managed it with a fist full of pain killers, and once the flashing had gone away i plodded on with a belting head ache, an aching neck and a taste like i had an old copper penny stuck in the back of my throat.. Those of you unlucky enough to suffer these things will know just how much pain they cause. Still a bit groggy from it now over 12 hours later..More pills i reckon.

Only two shifts to go this week so the days off are on their way.Mrs B is out for a beer or two with her colleagues on Friday whilst i shall be having a cup of char with mine..Somethings just ain’t right eh?

Yesterday was the beginning of ” Be Nice To Nettles Week ” now that’s a good week for us as we have a small Nettle patch for the caterpillars and butterflys to feed on and lay their  eggs on cuz we do like to promote nature, unlike cat owners who allow their filthy beasts to shit in other folks gardens and kill anything the stinking flea ridden bastards can jump on!

I wonder if anyone in my neighbourhood is going to enjoy ” Noise Action Week ‘ next’s all about spec init?

Anyroad i am off for some medication and a brew..Have a good one, the weekend is on it’s way!


The train now boarding platform three.

October 9, 2007

The last shift for the week tonight and all has been well so far but it’s off to Grims bee on Wednesday afternoon for two days of training,Mind you i have heard that the  locals gather around to watch the traffic lights change so i might join in

on that in my spare time,Or perhaps follow a few balloons…



I see on the news that a bit of rough justice has been delt out again here in

Hood Town  as a body is found in a burning car…..Fucking drugs again!



Anyroad just another quickie as i gotta go get a brew before i get back to

the factory floor.

Take care you lot..





100% total twat!

August 7, 2007

Pete Doherty.

Nuff said.

Is it raining??

July 17, 2007

A drop of rain again today,another drop tomorrow and it looks like a bit of a sprinkle for the rest of the week. We have lost a couple of plants in the garden due to all the rain and last night one of our tomato plants got battered to fuck by the downpour so Mrs B ain’t happy and i ain’t looking forward to all that green tomato chutney

I suppose we were lucky to cop so much sun last week whilst on our hols eh as the forecast ain’t getting any better,All the more reason to get on the interweb n find a nice hot place to chill out in come September i reckon.Fuck me at this rate i reckon all of us here in Hood Town will be suffering from S.A.D. though i’m ok as i can allus shine a torch in my face..That don’t stop webbed feet forming though!

A drug dealer get’s 30 years in prison for killing another drug dealer here in HoodTown, Some say justice,I say it’s shit it happened in a busy street in the middle of the day,The piece on the Nottingham Evening Post website has brought a few comments including one stating the victim was “A young happy go lucky boy”…Mmmmm a happy hammer weilding drug dealer who got shot by another happy go lucky gun toting drug dealer..As they (Who ever they are) say shit happens !

In better news it looks like the Arts Theatre might live on for another season as folks chip in a few quid to keep the curtains open,I hope they find funding from somewhere! They can have all the cash out of my penny jar!

Anyroad i’m off to watch the rain pelt down,Have a good one dear reader and take care.

Open wide….

June 29, 2007

Well i must say i feel a lot better about the dentists after going in today,The chap i saw put me at ease and was very understanding of my problem with dentists on the whole, After a bit of poking about and discussing the best plan of action i came out with some pills to fight the infection and an appointment for Thursday to get the offending tooth ripped out,Bad news as we are off on holiday on Friday so i hope there ain’t too much pain after.

Tell ya what though just sitting in the waiting room had beads of sweat on my forehead  and when it was my turn to go in i shot straight in then saw the chair and all the tools on a rack,i nearly shit myself..daft i know but that’s how it is,hospitals are fine but dentists really ain’t my cup of tea,But like i said the chap was ok about it after i explained my fears to him and though i’m not looking forward to the next visit i reckon i don’t fear it..A milestone for me,Hey i’m well hard me,i do dentist n everyfink. All thanks to dentist,he changed my view of the whole thing.

Now i am just waiting for the antibiotics to  start working on the infection. Do you know i can’t think when the fear set it but it must have been well over 30 years ago,perhaps a bad experience or something,i can’t remember when or what it was but i am well on the road to sorting out my teeth now..i am well chuffed.

Anyroad enough of that for now as i got shit to do,pills to take n pain to bare…

Have a good one.


May 21, 2007

Well another year under the belt for young master B,19 already and this past year has seen him split up from his girlfriend and get his drink spiked (worrying time for all that was) being 19 ain’t all it’s bulled up to be i reckon,Mind you when i was that age back in 76 we were spiking our own drinks,how mad is that,then again they were mad times,you could see a band for 2 quid then and it’s more like 50 quid now,oh and the haircuts were a bit of an eye opener back then. Anyroad happy birthday mate i hope the things you want out of life come to you without much pain and remember even daft old cunts like me have been there!

A bulk buy of driving lessons as a gift for him so that has chuffed him,tell ya what though he will have to buy his own car,that has pissed him off! Hey as my dad used to say “I aint made of bleeding money!”

I had planned to get into town today to get some new boots but as i stayed up till 2 last night watching Hostel i dint get up till 11 ish so thats out the window for today,maybe tomorrow eh! That hostel had some good effects in it but i reckon it was mostly a soft porn film,Not brill but it entertained me!

Anyroad time for me to get up the shops for some snap,I hope your weekend was a good one,here in Hood Town we have another murder to add to the roll of shame .

Take care.

How lucky can one guy be?

April 28, 2007

Well we never made it to the park yesterday as we got side tracked by the shops,i needed some shoes and we ended up on a full on shopping spree, we managed a pint in the Bell so all was good,well i say all was good as luckily we missed a stabbing on Clumber Street by a few minutes…Fucking mental or what?

So it’s off to the park tomorrow and tonight we are down to the Ferry for a meal,a bottle of wine or two and a bit of romance,Ain’t love grand? With the added bonus of having Barnze Towers to ourselves tonight as Young Master B and his poorly finger is staying with friends,Nice one!

I managed to grab a few snaps yesterday so here they are,And before ya start i never said they were good…

The View from the bell looking out,Mostly blurred when i leave the place..Hic!

The Lions on the square,a meeting place for everyone here in Hood Town,I have spent many an hour waiting for the future Mrs B during my courting days waiting there.Neve one for being early is Mrs B.

The council house viewed from the Bell,not much of the new square to be seen from here but still a nice shot i reckon.

The canal,some nice lunchtime drinking places down there,shite at night though so i avoid um if i can.

Anyroad that’s it for now as i’m off for a shower n shave ready for tonights trip out,have a good weekend you lot,Oh and it looks like the price of drugs are about to rise.Take care.